Transforming the lives of youth at risk of homelessness

Homelessness is no place for our youth.  It’s not obvious looking around, but you’d be surprised at the number of youth in our community who don’t have a home to go to tonight.  When you’re hungry, you have no address of your own, and you’re afraid you won’t have a place to sleep from one night to the next, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with school or find even a part-time job.
Fortunately, the Barbara Weider House is Helping Guide Youth from Homelessness to Hope.        At Barbara Weider House (BWH), we take care of their immediate needs and offer them the chance to change their lives.  BWH bridges the identified critical gap between emergency shelter and independent living for youth aged 16-24. The Barbara Weider House offers a place of safety and hope for homeless youth. Our services address the needs of youth in crisis and provide the support to help them master the tasks of adolescence as well as focus on their education and employment possibilities.  The need is so great that BWH has been full since we opened in July 2017 and there is an ongoing waiting list for our services. Kids desperately want and need our help.  In addition, we offer outreach programs to struggling youth in the community and on our waiting list. We can’t do it alone, consider a donation to Barbara Weider House and assist our youth to create a better future. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Mission Statement  “Home Horizon transforms the lives of youth at risk of homelessness by providing them (with) the opportunity to rebuild their lives and achieve their full potential”
  Vision  “Transforming the lives of youth at risk of homelessness”