As of the end of 2019, Home Horizon, Barbara Weider House has served over 26 individuals.
  • 26+ individuals have lived in Barbara Weider House
  • 34 youth have been given a bed within the community
  • 12 have been Reunified with Family
  • 3 Have been graduated to 2nd Stage Transitional Housing
  • 8 Are currently receiving Counseling from Home Horizon and living within the Community
  • 16 have been helped to ensure their Food Security
  • 5, on average continually seek Safety and Refuge during the day at Barbara Weider House
  • 8 Are currently going through mediation who are at risk of losing their housing within the community (We are their Advocates)
  • 4 Barbara Weider House residents recently graduated High School
  • 3 have entered College
  • 1 has entered University
We currently have 46 youth from the local community on our waiting list