The first step in dealing with youth facing homelessness is to help them find a safe roof over their head. This could be the Barbara Weider House or help connecting them with other housing service organizations in our community. The first priority is they need to be safe and inside for the night.  In addition we offer access to counseling and social and life skills programs to help our clients successfully rebuild their lives and transition to independent living and adulthood. The goal is to support vulnerable youth in rebuilding their lives and integrating back into their communities, as opposed to continuing down a path of homelessness that may lead to larger problems. Key to our approach is that the youth are provided with a range of support programs that will help them learn life skills, have positive relationships with peers and adults, and re-engage with school, employment training, and/or employment.

Examples of our Services

  • 24 hour on-site supervision-we are there when you need help
  • Cooking facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Community kitchen, cooking classes
  • Common living room to gain social skills
  • Counselling and life skills
  • Life Coaching
  • Coordination with other agencies / resources for additional support
  • Workshops & therapeutic groups
  • Customized individual plans
  • Life Skills workshops such as: learn to cook; budgeting; gardening; household tasks; personal grooming; computer skills; fitness; health & wellness; employment skills; education skills; planning, and daily routines