Your S.A.F.E. Outreach Program

Your S.A.F.E. Outreach Program
Home Horizon, with the assistance of the United Way Emergency Community Support Fund, is launching the Your SAFE program: Your S.A.F.E.: Specialized Access for Everyone – An Individualized Approach to Youth Homelessness. Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund, this allows us to reach out to vulnerable youth, both in person and virtually, as part of a COVID response.
Early identification and intervention is critical.
The most critical benefit for this program is early identification and intervention to prevent trauma and related mental health issues by engaging early and effectively with evidence-based, youth-recovery approaches. Building trust and connection early on is imperative for youth to receive services that can provide the basic needs for their safety and well-being as well as creating a pathway to the future through further education, employment, life skills and mental health coping strategies. 
Communities, youth, and parents struggle to find support due to limited resources, especially in small communities.
The program targets both the visibly homeless (e.g. those living in shelters and on the streets) but also those who are couch-surfing, sleeping rough or living in unsafe situations with their families. The youth will participate in the program and learn coping skills and strategies, the families will better be able to deal with issues that have estranged their teenaged children building together for a stronger community.  We will work with youth facing complex and challenging barriers including poverty, mental health and  addictions, sex trafficking, racism, homophobia, trauma and conflictual home lives.
Research has shown there is a clear link between youth engagement initiatives and positive health outcomes.
The services of Home Horizon target youth, either homeless or at risk of homelessness in the Georgian Bay area  where before COVID-19 there was a 21% youth unemployment rate which has only worsened. Many youth in our area rely on jobs in the hospitality sector which have been suspended during COVID-19 with no indication if the employers will survive the lengthy shutdown. Without adequate revenue and with possible soaring unemployment, more vulnerable youth will require support that is primarily provided by Home Horizon in the  Collingwood area.  Funded by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund.

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